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Idea one: Buttons

You will need:

A piece of ribbon, mine is 4 cm wide and 20 cm long


Two large buttons (the bigger they are the easier they will be for little hands to manipulate) Mine are almost 4 cm in diameter.

Needle and thread




Step One:

Stitch the buttons onto each end of the ribbon. Make sure they are really secure to avoid them coming off and being a choking hazard. This activity should be used with supervision.

Step Two:

Cut the felt into five or six squares, roughly 10 cm by 10 cm but it doesn't have to be exact.


Step Three:

Fold each piece of felt in half, lay it over the ribbon and make a small cut each side of the ribbon (images 1 and 2 below). Then open the piece of felt up and make a cut between the two slits you've just made (image 3). EXTEND: to make the activity harder, make this slit slightly narrower than the ribbon. This will make it more difficult to thread the button through the hole (image 4).

Image 1


Image 3


Image 2


Image 4


Step Four:

Repeat with all the felt squares. Thread onto the ribbon for your little one to remove or leave them alongside for your child to put onto the ribbon themselves. Extend the activity by introducing the concept of making a pattern using the different colours of felt.


Idea Two: Velcro

You will need:

2 pieces of thick cardboard - one to use as a backing board and one to use as covers for the photos. 


A selection of photographs (I used 5)

Paint (optional)

Stick-on Velcro





To make this activity, cut out and stick the photos to the backing piece of cardboard. Spread them out so there is enough space around them to place Velcro. 


Cut the other piece of cardboard into the same shapes as the photos but make them slightly larger so there is room to put the Velcro around them.

Velcro comes with two sides - one side is spiky and the other soft. Cut it and stick the spiky side to the backing cardboard around the photos. Depending on the surface of your cardboard you may need to staple this down to prevent it coming off with the cover. Stick the soft side to the cardboard shapes you've cut out. Using less Velcro will make it easier to remove the cardboard covers for young children.

Paint the front of the cardboard shapes if you want to. 

Once dry, place the cardboard shapes over the photos either partially (see below) or conceal them fully before encouraging your little one to pull them off.


Support: Securely attach two ribbons to each side of the cardboard shapes by making a small hole, threading the ribbon through and then using sticky tape on the reverse. This will give your child another way to explore how to remove the cover.