The activities within this pack have been designed to support your child's gross motor skills, that is the coordination and strength of the large muscles in the body that are needed for getting around.

Babies of this age are also becoming adept communicators - they will enjoy social games and are able to express their feelings quite well now! Inside this set, we share simple games and ideas that will support their communication and language skills and nurture their emotional development. 

Also included: 

   * A range of activities to nurture your child's creative development

   * Ideas to enhance their problem-solving skills
   * 'Did you know' sections sharing relevant and useful research findings

9-12 Months Pack

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  • The fourth in the Busy Brains Activity Packs series. Ideal for first-time parents or anyone looking for advice, ideas and activities to do with their babies. Includes a handy milestone guide, information about how babies of this age learn and develop and plenty of activities and ideas to nurture their growing brains. Makes a perfect gift. Pack includes 30 cards.

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