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The Gobbi Mobile is the third of the Montessori Mobiles, it is intended to be introduced to children between 7-10 weeks old but can also be enjoyed long after this stage too.

After the black and white geometrical patterns of the Munari Mobile and the primary colours of the Octahedron Mobile, the Gobbi Mobile introduces colour gradation. It consists of 5 spheres wrapped in 100% cotton yarn with intensifying colour depth (green, blue or pink colour way).  

The Gobbi Mobile helps the child develop their visual abilities and stimulates focus and concentration.

The mobile should be hung at a distance of around 20-30 cm from the baby's eyes. It is meant to be observed, not grasped. It is designed to be used when the baby is alert and awake, so it's best to hang it over their play area, not their cot or changing mat. 

This item is individually handmade, so may vary slightly to the online image.

Gobbi (Third Mobile)

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  • Typically introduced at around 7 weeks old.

    Note, this is not a toy. It should be kept out of reach of children. 

    Presented wrapped in tissue paper.

    Product dimensions:
    The wooden dowel from which the spheres hang measures approximately 30 cm in length
    The balls hang at different levels, the lowest is approx 30cm from the dowel although this may vary between mobiles as each one is handmade.

    Materials: Wood, polysterene spheres, 100% cotton yarn.

    Made by Mamma Montessori - a Hampshire-based small business specialising in quality crafted, handmade Montessori mobiles & crafts. You can find her on Etsy here

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