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How to turn a milk bottle into a scoop


You will need: 

An empty 4 pint milk bottle (or similar)

Scissors (or a craft knife)

A pen

Sticky tape to cover any sharp edges left by cutting. 

Step One:

Remove the label from the bottle. 


Step Two:

Laying the bottle on its side, draw a  horizontal line from the base approximately half way down the side of the bottle. The  position of this line will determine where you cut to make the scoop. To make a deeper scoop (easier for young children) draw this line higher than halfway in order to leave more of the sides of the bottle in place. To make it harder, draw the line nearer the base, therefore cutting away more of the bottle and making the catching surface flatter.

Step Three:

Turn the bottle onto its back and continue the line across the top.

Step Four:

Turn the bottle onto its other side and continue the line horizontally down to the base of the bottle as before.


Step Five:

Carefully pierce the bottle and cut along the lines you've drawn. Discard the separate piece of bottle.

If there are any sharp edges, cover them now with sticky tape to prevent injury.


Step Six:

Decorate if you'd like to. We wrapped masking tape around the bottle to make different sections. My daughter then painted each section - I gave her the challenge of not having any matching colours adjacent to each other. She used acrylic paint. PVA glue mixed with ready made poster paint would also work well. Once dry, remove the masking tape to reveal the pattern.

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Your scoop catcher is ready for use!