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Learning to tie laces

You will need:

A piece of thick cardboard

A shoelace



Hole Punch

A shoe

Coloured washi tape or masking tape


First draw around the shoe and cut it out. 

Then make six holes in the centre as pictured.

IMG_2971 (1)-min.JPG

Thread the shoe lace through the holes so that the excess lace is roughly equal length on both the left and right. In the picture the excess lace on the right hand side is noticeably longer. To adjust, loosen the laces at the crossover so you can pull the left side through more.


Wrap a little of the tape around the tip of the lace ON ONE SIDE ONLY. This will help distinguish the two sides of the laces from each other if your child doesn't yet know their left and right.


Begin by teaching your child to tie a knot. Make sure they are secure with this before continuing to the bunny ear method.

Step one of tying a knot.

Take the lace with the tape and cross it over the other lace then lay it down on the opposite side.


Next, bring the taped end underneath the other lace and poke it up in the hole (as pictured). Pick up both ends of lace and pull to form a knot.

Do this a few times until your child is confident with it. Children learn best through doing so try your best to let them try for themselves. If possible, make your own cardboard shoe shape so you can do each step alongside them.


The 'Bunny Ears' Method for tying laces

Please find below a video explanation of this method. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.