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How to make a sponge soaker

You will need:


A packet of four flat washing up sponges 

(although you'll only need three of them) 

One or two elastic bands


This will make either one large soaker or two small soakers.

Step One:

Cut down the length of each sponge, dividing them into three strips of roughly equal size. You'll have nine strips of sponge.


Step Two:

To make one large soaker: place the strips on top of each other in a pattern (optional) then wrap two elastic bands around the centre of the sponge pieces to make a bundle. Pull the ends in different directions to shape into a ball (see video below). 

To make two small soakers, first cut the nine strips in half so you have 18 shorter pieces. 

Take nine and complete the steps as described above. 

The video below shows the large soaker. The photo underneath the video shows the two smaller soakers.