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Can I do the activities on the cards more than once?

Absolutely! In fact, studies have shown that repetition strengthens the connections in the brain. Many of the cards can also be adapted to suit older or younger children too, so the pack of activities can last much longer than the age phase on the box! Some of the cards have details of how you can adapt the activity for different stages but it wasn't possible to fit this information on every card. Feel free to send us a message if you want ideas of how to extend or simplify anything that isn't already explained.

Do I need to buy extra resources to complete the activities?

We've deliberately kept the activities as simple as possible, where shop-bought toys are mentioned we have tried to offer a home-made alternative although some cards do refer to common toys like stacking blocks, cuddly toys or toy cars. Some of the cards require household materials to be reused, like cardboard tubes or clothes pegs. If we've used something that you don't have, and we haven't offered an alternative suggestion, send us a message and we'll see if we can think of an alternative you could use instead.  

Are the activities messy?

There's a whole range of activities in each pack in order to ensure the whole brain is exercised. Messy play (also known as sensory play) is a really important part of children's development so it was really important to us to include a few in each pack. Research has shown that messy play can foster curiosity, promote imaginative play, stimulate the senses, encourage communication and strengthen motor skills so it really is beneficial for your child. We know it isn't every parent's idea of a good time so we've tried to suggest ways to limit the mess or give tips to help with the clean up where possible.

My country isn't listed in your delivery options, Can you ship to me?

Yes, it can be arranged however, additional postage will be charged according to the Royal Mail's charging policy. If you would like to order from outside the United Kingdom but would like to know the shipping costs before ordering then please get in touch.

Can I send them as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! They make an ideal new baby, christening, birthday or Christmas gift. Let us know when you order if you'd like the price hidden or if you have a special message to be included inside the package (free of charge). Gift wrapping can be also included for an extra £3.00 per package. Please ensure you let us know if you wish the packs to be dispatched to multiple locations and add the correct number of gift wrapping services to your shopping cart. Don't forget to specify which pack you want to be dispatched to which location!

Can I subscribe and be sent the new packs as my baby grows?

This is something we'd really like to offer in the future but at the moment we can't offer this service. If you would like to be contacted periodically after your first purchase to remind you about the other packs in the range then please join our mailing list by completing the subscribe form at the bottom of our homepage.

Are you on social media?

Yes, we are on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Do pop over and see us, we love to share new ideas and advice across these platforms. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest news and offers. 


We'd love to hear from you too, so please tag us (@busybrainsactivitypacks) with your photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram or send them directly to our email We'll always ask permission before resharing.

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