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Busy Brains Activity Packs have been written to support the typical development of children aged zero to five. Science has shown that certain parts of the brain go through 'sensitive periods'. During these times, neural pathways (brain connections) are more susceptible to growth than at other times, making learning quicker and easier. By knowing and understanding which brain areas are especially sensitive, and when, we can provide experiences for our children that will support their brain development.

With this in mind, Busy Brains Activity Packs have researched the sensitive periods for you and collated and designed activities using information from a wide range of published scientific, medical, psychological and educational studies. Also included are third party views and my personal experience as a mum and Primary School Deputy Headteacher. Please bear in mind that all children are different and the timings of the 'sensitive periods' are not 'set in stone' therefore there is plenty of advantage to repeating activities from previous packs. 


All the sources that were used during the making of each pack are listed in full below. Please be aware that the external links are not monitored, reviewed or updated. Busy Brains Activity Packs has no control over any third-party content or third-party websites and cannot be held responsible for the opinions or content on these websites.

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