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A fantastic jigsaw for keen young puzzlers! Excellent for colour recognition, visual discrimination skills, spatial awareness and problem-solving.

Even though 100 pieces may seem like a challenge - the strips of colour used in the background of this puzzle make it perfect for younger children who enjoy a challenge. There are 8 pieces in each stripe of colour meaning once they've located those they have fewer options to choose from. 

Words on the cloud reads:
2020 - The year we stayed home, played and made a hundred memories together.

My son, 3 (almost 4) enjoys completing this puzzle independently. He feels an enormous sense of accomplishment when he completes it.  

Commemorative 100 Piece Rainbow Jigsaw

£14.99 Regular Price
£10.99Sale Price
  • Measurements: 

    Completed Jigsaw (Approx): Width: 50cm, Height: 36cm
    Box (Approx): Length 33cm, Width: 23cm, Depth: 3.5cm
    Single Piece of Jigsaw: Approx 5cm by 4cm 

    Weight: 500g

    Material: Cardboard

    The jigsaw manufacturer suggests a puzzle of this size and number of pieces as suitable for age 6+ 

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