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All the brilliant content of our previous 12-18 Month version but even better! Our latest edition contains double sided cards featuring coloured photos on each activity card, icons showing how the activity links to the Early Years Curriculum, an egg timer symbol to give you an idea of how long it will take to prepare, and some cards also include QR codes giving you access to extra online content and printable resources to use with your baby.

Once your baby has reached their first birthday you'll likely see their communication attempts become more frequent and recognisable. By the end of this six month period, many children are able to say a handful of words and will understand many more. This pack is full of information and simple activities that will help you support their communication and language skills in a fun, playful way. 

At this stage, children are also beginning to play independently for short periods. For this reason, we've included a combination of adult-led and independent tasks in the pack.

Also included: 
  * A range of activities to stimulate their imagination and creativity.
  * Ideas to support your child's physical development
  * 'Did you know' sections sharing relevant and useful research findings

12-18 Months Pack: Educational Play Ideas

  • The fifth in the series of Busy Brains Activity Packs. Ideal for first-time parents or anyone looking for advice, ideas and activities to do with their toddlers. Includes a handy milestone guide, information about how babies of this age learn and develop and plenty of activities and ideas to nurture their growing brains. Makes a perfect gift. Pack includes 31 cards.

    To see additional views of this pack including a sample card, please swipe left on the photo if using a mobile or, if using a desktop click on the images to scroll through.