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Your child's brain continues to work in overdrive throughout this period. They are capable of rapidly absorbing knowledge during this stage and as such children at this age are often described by proud parents as 'little sponges'. As their brains are busy organising, they are becoming more adept at storing important information and discarding (or pruning) information that is no longer needed. 


For this reason, the activities inside this pack are deliberately broad in nature. Amongst others, you'll find ideas to nurture social skills, literacy, maths, communication and listening, creative learning and fine and gross motor skills.
Also included: 

       * A mixture of adult-led and independent activities

       * Activities aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

       * Did you know' sections sharing relevant and useful research findings

3-4 Years Pack (Original Version)

  • The eighth in the series of Busy Brains Activity Packs. Ideal for first-time parents or anyone looking for advice, ideas and activities to do with their preschoolers. Includes a handy milestone guide, information about how children of this age learn and develop and plenty of activities and ideas to nurture their growing brains. Makes a perfect gift. Pack includes 30 cards.

    To see additional views of this pack including a sample card, please swipe left on the photo if using a mobile or, if using a desktop click on the images to scroll through.

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