Did you know that the baby's go through 'sensitive' periods where particular parts of their brain are 'switched on and tuned in' to certain stimulation? This means the experiences your baby receives during these times are really important. In fact, some aspects of learning become much more difficult outside of these windows.

As your baby becomes more alert to their surroundings, the 3-6 month period is critical for your baby's vision and hearing centres. That's why our 3-6 month pack contains plenty of activities that will stimulate your baby's brain in these areas.
Also included: 

     * Activities to develop muscle strength, control and dexterity
     * Ideas to activate all the senses 
     * 'Did you know' sections sharing relevant and useful research findings

3-6 Months Pack

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  • The second in the Busy Brains Activity Packs series. Ideal for first-time parents or anyone looking for advice, ideas and activities to do with their babies aged 3-6 months. Includes a handy milestone guide, information about how babies of this age learn and develop and plenty of activities and ideas to nurture their growing brains. Makes a perfect gift. Pack includes 30 cards.


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