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Eight 'stitching cards' and eight lengths of colourful string.

A note from Lauren:
Threading activities such as these are excellent for developing a number of skills including bilateral coordination (using both hands at once), hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.

This activity will also help to develop fine motor skills, that is, the ability to control the small muscles in the hands with dexterity and precision. 
I really like this set as the cardboard pieces are thick, sturdy and large enough to hold without being cumbersome. The coloured laces are vibrant and just the right length to enable the child to finish off each picture while demonstrating their creativity! 

  • No needles
  • Cardboard characters approx 15cm x 12cm
  • Length of string: 110cm

Cardboard Learn to Stitch Activity

  • Product dimensions: Width: 15cm, Length: 12cm, Weight: 6.8g
    Packaging dimensions: Width: 18cm, Length: 28cm, Height: 4cm, Weight: 247g

    Material: Cardboard, Cotton

    Not suitable for children under 3/Parental supervision required

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