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This fabulous hospital sticker pack is great for role play. It turns an ordinary cardboard box (not supplied) into a fabulous backdrop for your little one's imaginary play.

Partner it with a toy medical kit or simply use toilet paper to act as a bandage. Cut the end off an old sock to make a stretchy bandage or fold a sling using a scarf or scrap of material.  

Parents, siblings and dolls can all be brought in for treatment. Set up a waiting room so the toys can each wait their turn; those action figures are notorious for getting bumps and scratches after all! 


Make your own design or copy the layout shown here. Remember when you have finished just put the box out for recycling and get ready for the next role play adventure. 

Hospital Sticker Set

£8.00 Regular Price
£6.50Sale Price
  • The glue in the stickers is permanent so please be careful when attaching the stickers, as with any sticker they will lose their stickiness when applied more than once.

    For indoor use only (not suitable for use with or near water).

    Suitable for children 12 months+

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