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The Tea Room sticker set is perfect for those who want to host an afternoon tea at home. It turns an ordinary cardboard box (not supplied) into a fabulous backdrop for your little one's imaginary play.


Partner it with a toy tea set, or raid your own kitchen for plastic cups, plates and bowls. Perhaps you’ve got some cakes or sandwiches your little one can serve up in their new café. Pretend or real, they’re bound to enjoy playing waiter!  


Why not add a till and telephone so your little one can really act the part of a real tea shop owner! Take a call from the teddy bears asking for a takeaway order ready for their picnic.

Make your own tea room design or copy the layout shown here. Remember when you have finished just put the box out for recycling and get ready for the next role play adventure.

Tea Room Sticker Set

£8.00 Regular Price
£6.50Sale Price
  • Made by Turn Into a Toy - an Essex-based small business proudly trying to help the environment by helping parents make use of their spare cardboard boxes.

    This set contains:

    1 x Store sign
    1 x Tea pot
    1 x Tea cups
    1 x Cupcakes
    1 x 3-Tiered cake
    1 x Menu
    (Please note, the cardboard box itself is NOT supplied)

    Product is packaged in a clear biodegradable bag (21.5 x 29.7 cm)
    Water-based inks.
    Sticker paper is from a UK mill using sustainable, managed resources.
    Stickers are recyclable with the box when you have finished playing.
    Sticker backing is not yet recyclable.
    CE Tested.
    Suitable for children 12 months+

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