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What do one-year-old babies crave?

Well, apart from Weetabix, they thrive on attention!

Notice how this little girl is smiling and making eye contact – she’s happy. She’s happy to sit and chat. She’s happy listening to her mummy repeating the same words over and over. There’s nothing complicated here, just a mummy giving her baby undivided attention and look how it is benefiting her! She loves the praise she’s getting, and she wants to keep interacting and learning.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear how this 14-month-old baby is attempting to repeat the ‘s’ sound that she hears in the word ‘yes’. Look at how she can communicate her wants and needs using the signs for yes, more and please. Do you hear how she is using the sound ‘ba’ twice when she wants to say ‘yes please’?

Busy Brains Activity Packs

Aim to show parents what to look out for when you play and interact with your children. They tell you how children learn, so you can spot the progress they are making each day. If we recognise their achievements, we can praise them, which in turn is hugely motivating.

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